The Chicago Promoters' Ordinance Kills Indie Music

The Chicago
Promoters' Ordinance

Kills Independent Music
Posted by: JaGoFF

As of this writing (8/21/2008), the Chicago Promoters' Ordinance has been tabled (for the time-being). In other words, the issue is still very much alive and well, and we hold our breath until the next time it rears it's ugly head. The City Council has held meetings with "invited members of the Chicago entertainment industry" which roughly translates to the tens of thousands of Chicago artists (musicians, actors, artist, poets, fans, etc.) having no input whatsoever, and once again are left out in the cold. We find this to be disconcerting, to put it mildly. An ordinance that could have such wide reaching implications on artists, innovation, and the future culture of such a great city (let alone the rest of the country) deserves far more consideration then just some "face time" with what the city sees as it's prime money makers. One only needs look as far the broadcast radio, entertainment & recording industries to see where the potential for misuse and abuse lays. These groups are nothing but self-serving and have no interest in the concerns of the independent artist and DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE CREATIVE COMMUNITY - period, point blank.

As artists, musicians, actors, djs, promoters, galleries, theatres, clubs labels and patrons it is time to take a stand and realize that WE ARE THE SCENE. It is not about the clubs. It is not about hip hop. It is not about house, metal, classical, rock, electronic, folk, jazz, blues, improv, theatre, art galleries, poetry. It is about the right to express ourselves FREELY without undue and unfair financial burden. It is about we as a culture and the future, the evolution and innovation of that culture. Our options have been limited enough already. This proposed ordinance makes it even that much difficult to make our voices heard.

The Promoters' Ordinance requirements:

- $500 - $2000 for license (even if working w/ licensed club).

- Must be over the age of 21.

- Submit to fingerprinting & background check.

- Must acquire $300,000 in liability insurance.

- Must notify police 7 days prior to event.

- Definition of promoter is so vague and could apply to not only to promoters, but to bands, theater, and other artists.

Read more about this ridiculousness:
White Paper: Why the Event
Promoters Ordinance should be rejected

by Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Support Independent Music or be force-fed CRAP.


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Watch the movie: is proud to present:
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"The Chicago Promoters' Ordinance Kills Independent Music"
A Documentary Film by JaGoFF

Based in part, on the white paper:
"Why the Event Promoters Ordinance Should be Rejected"
by Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Former Dean & Professor of Law
Chicago-Kent College of Law

Links to take action:
"This website will help you quickly EMAIL, SNAIL MAIL, and FAX all the politicians and agencies who are involved with this ordinance to tell them that you are against the ordinance and that you are watching their every move!"

Links to further educate yourself:

White Paper: Why the Event Promoters Ordinance should be rejected
Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Professor of Law
Chicago-Kent College of Law

Jim DeRogotis' (Sun-Times) coverage
on The Chicago Promoters' Ordinance

Jim DeRogotis has been vigilant in keeping up with the issues concerning
the ordinance and it's implications. Check here often to see the latest developments.

Keep up the fight--or watch out
by Ben Joravsky (Chicago Reader)

These folks are on the frontlines.

Video from Chicago Tonight covering the Chicago Promoters' Ordinance
Watch the video from Chicago's PBS affiliate WTTW

TimeOut Chicago's coverage on
The Chicago Promoters' Ordinance

Along with Jim DeRo, TimeOut has been on top of the issues.

Why proposed music-promoter ordinance could hurt Chicago's best clubs
by Greg Kot (Chicago Tribune)

City Tries To Legislate Promoters,
But Without Their Input

from the Chicagoist

Promoters' Ordinance Google Search

The Chicago Promoters' Ordinance
Download the actual ordinance in PDF format

Save Chicago Culture
One of the larger forums covering the issue.


What other communities are doing
to support local artists:

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